Empowering Youth to Excel in the Game of Life

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KAMS’ program works with youth to provide opportunities to learn life skills while empowering them with tools for character development.   Affirmation and mentorship are also focused on in order to help youth grow interpersonally, emotionally and intellectually while building self confidence and self awareness.  The program involves helping youth achieve competencies involved in the social and emotional learning process.  KAMS’ team spends time with youth, educating and providing them with four core ideals and providing resources to aid in their development.  The learning process is facilitated through a hands-on, experiential learning environment that involves team building activities and the game of soccer.

KAMS’ mentors work with youth to affirm and teach life skills while helping them with character development.  Participants take part in team building activities, discussion and open soccer play.  Mentors build on each learning opportunity presented during huddle and open play.  At the end of each program day, participants review the days key skill words and discuss what they learned from the day.  At the end of the week, participants take part in an affirmation activity that will provide confidence-building skills.