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KAMS Foundation is excited to take our Mission internationally. Kamran was from a multi-cultural family and had a love for children and an appreciation for all nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures…he loved ALL people!

To reflect his heart, we intend to take KAMS’ Youth Empowerment Program to other countries when given the opportunity. KAMS believes that children are children… across the world…. and they are ALL unique, creative, precious creations who need to be affirmed for who THEY were created to be. KAMS’ core values of affirmation, character development, life skills, and mentorship are keys to success worldwide for individuals and for our society as a whole.

“KAMS is amazing, they donated affirmation balls for our trip to Guatemala. These soccer balls (affirmation balls) brought so much enjoyment and encouragement to the kids in the villages we were able to visit in Guatemala. I can see how these affirmation balls would be so effective here in the program that KAMS offers; giving a positive, refreshing and frankly a new message to the kids in our community.”

– Jason Urbansky / Outreach Pastor / Inland Hills Church

“So basically, the KAMS project was overall an excellent initiative. Considering my previous engagement with the community as a part of my course project and what we identified as a major issue facing the community was education. Now, education I believe not only in terms of academics but co-curricular and personal grooming as well.
KAMS provided a fulfilling palette of all of the above in a very inclusive manner through a multitude of activities working towards team development, critical thinking and empathizing with the community, while simultaneously developing a sense of compassion towards their fellow community members.

-Imaara Zulfiqar Ali / Robin Hood Army Volunteer

““The way they interacted with the kids was pretty nice.Their management was good. Their motive of teaching the children to understand respect and appreciate themselves and others was the best part.

– Nashrah / Robin Hood Army Volunteer

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